Fly through the lessons and pass your test first time!

There are many reasons for choosing Flying Start 2 Driving
but here are just a few ...

Overall pass rate > 70%
Standard 2-hour lesson @ £40
Basic lessons plus Intensive – see prices page
Free use of car on day of test
Free coaching for theory test
Free motorway lesson after you pass your test

We also offer post test lessons for:
More confidence
The possibility of less expensive insurance
Practice on new routes you will need to drive
Overcoming the challenges of roads that give you nightmares
            - maybe large multi-lane roundabouts?!

Perhaps some refresher coaching:
Back from uni and haven’t driven much since your test? . . .
Been in a crash and need to re-build your confidence? . . .
Banned and want to fly through an extended test to regain your licence? . . .
Struggling to park in tight spaces? . . .
Find London roads too daunting? . . .

Other situations:
Been driving for 50 years and want to keep going for another couple of decades?
           Keep yourself and loved ones safe – have some refresher drives
New to the UK and want to be certain you can drive safely:
           on the “proper” side of the road
           with a good understanding of UK driving rules and principles

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Whatever the need ... Let Flying Start 2 Driving give you a flying start!

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